RAF Halton - 12th January 1962 to16th December 1964

The 100th Entry of Aircraft Apprentices came into being at RAF Halton in January 1962 with the arrival of 165 keen and bright-eyed young men intent on an engineering career with the Royal Air Force.

Having arrived at RAF Halton we experienced the usual military induction processes during which we were introduced to early rising, how to scrub, clean, polish, iron, march, make beds (RAF style), queue for food and sundry other essential skills. In addition we were educated and trained in a system that, despite what faults it may have had, turned out competent and confident individuals on a consistent basis.

In December 1962, having spent our first year in 3 Wing with yellow cap bands, we undertook our passing-on parade before departing for Christmas leave.

In January 1963 we came back to 1 Wing (as the junior entry - again!) and adopted red cap bands. Also, for the first time, were supervised by our immediate predecessors, the 98th and 96th entries, who quite naturally gave us a hard time. After that wake-up call the next two years included, in addition to our main purpose in being there, a summer expedition to the Brecon Beacons (note - even in summer it rains a lot in Brecon) and a number of route lining duties for state visits in London. Was it just a coincidence that the 100th Entry found itself on parade in front of the Air Ministry in Whitehall?

During our final year at Halton, as well as what would now be called 'pressure' around the final exams, we managed to rehearse for our passing-out parade to such good effect that, on a misty but crisp, cold day in December, we proudly paraded in front of HRH Princess Alexandra and our families and friends to an impeccable standard and finally took our leave of Halton.


The 100th Entry's arrival is announced in the Royal Air Force News for week ending March 3rd 1962

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